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Kodiak Empire album cover

Brisbane progressive/jazz rockers Kodiak Empire’s debut album ‘Silent Bodies’

The album sleeve comprises original artwork from various artists

The challenge was to make each piece work with the tonal palette of the cover art “Horse With Inner Fire” by Jos A. Smith, yet offer a contrast in form whilst weaving a cohesive story that evokes the melancholy and urgency of the music

Kodiak Empire album cover

White borders and a subtle serif font speak to the same sophistication and elegance found in Kodiak Empire’s timbral and harmonic structures

the melody and metre of the lyrics are echoed in the rhythm of the justified text of the sleeve booklet

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All music written and performed by Kodiak Empire

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Govinda Doyle, Galaxial Paradise
Preproduction and assistance by Nikolas Strugar