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Crow Do No tLoiter Here CD

Crow Do Not Loiter Here is a Brisbane progressive rock band: colourful, heavy, instrumental, awash with ambient soundscapes and cinematic noise

Crow Do Not Loiter Here logo
Crow Do No tLoiter Here logo

Crow Do No tLoiter Here band

Conceived as a studio project by Nikolas Strugar, after releasing an independent album, Crow Do Not Loiter Here evolved into a three-piece live act

Photos by Melanie McMillan

The album layout comprises three original artworks known as photographic composites, dubbed ‘manufactured landscapes’

Elements are stitched together forming scenes that evoke the dreamlike nature of the music

Crow Do Not Loiter Here album logo

A custom typeface logo, (the initial sketch) echoes the geometry and metre found in Crow D’s polyrhythmic grooves

Meticulously curated social content created a point of difference in the band’s online image

A trailer for the album launch

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Download the album at Bandcamp 

Music written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Nikolas Strugar

Mastered by Philippe Chambin at Boing Boom Tschak
Band: Nikolas Strugar, Cam Swales, Bryan Macaranas