Brisbane South State Secondary College

by BVN Architecture

The future of education; a sustainable campus designed for innovative learning

Brisbane South State Secondary College is a future-focused vertical campus located in the Boggo Road Health and Knowledge Precinct. The campus connects to its urban and natural surroundings, creating an integrated and vibrant educational setting for the growing inner-city population.

The film was produced as a competition entry for the Learning Environments MacConnell Award, with a strict five-minute time limit. We collaborated with BVN and Brisbane South State Secondary College to craft a narrative that highlighted the innovative architecture and the school’s pedagogical approach, successfully achieving finalist status.

From preproduction to delivery, the process was seamless and effectively met BVN’s goals within a short timeframe. The collaboration focused on showcasing the unique elements of the school’s design and educational philosophy, including Learning Hubs and STEM facilities, ensuring that the film conveyed the vibrancy and innovation of the project.


BVN Architecture
Brisbane South State Secondary College


Project Documentary


Produced by Ravens At Odds
Filmed & Directed by Nikolas Strugar
Lighting & Audio by Eddy Gill
Production Assistant Victor Munhoz
Additional footage by Tom Roe


Finalist Learning Environments MacConnell Award →

“Working with Ravens At Odds was an easy choice, because of their background in architecture and design. It simplifies how we explain things to you and how we create briefs. You just get it”
Ash Parsons
Brand Coordinator, BVN Architecture