Banksia House

by Aphora

In the words of the architect Andrew Forsyth, “storytelling is as old as humankind; an important part of who we are and how we dream. Architecture is storytelling in the form of built environment.”

Aphora’s architecture is rooted in its surroundings. Every detail is imbued with significance and purpose, contributing to a larger narrative that transcends individual parts. The character of the home goes beyond its physical form, shaped by the people who call it their own. 

Created for Gold Coast Open House, the goal was to make architecture accessible and captivating to a wider audience whilst maintaining its richness and intricacy.

The film’s visual language is slow and deliberate, encouraging reflection and contemplation—much like architecture itself. Limited use of camera movement contrasts with static shots, allowing movement and activity to unfold organically within the frame. Likewise, restraint is exercised in the use of wide shots. Medium and detailed scenes leave room for the imagination rather than revealing everything all at once.

The project’s natural setting comprising coastal breezes, landscape and birdsong feature prominently in the film. These auditory and visual elements are essential components of the building’s delightful experience.

Banksia House fosters connection with the neighbourhood, bringing the occupants and neighbours closer. Similarly, the bond between architect and filmmaker strengthened through a shared ethos and vision, deepening their connection, and forming a friendship.


Aphora Architecture


Project Documentary
Part of Gold Coast Open House 2022


Produced by Ravens At Odds
Filmed by Nikolas Strugar
Production Assistant Anthony Lazaro


Finalist for Best Use of Video Archiboo Awards 2023 →

The film exceeded over half a million views on the Gold Coast Open House Youtube channel within 6 months of release. The GCOH channel had less than 2000 subscribers when released, subsequently growing to nearly 15,000 subscribers in the same period.

"We'd been long time kind of followers of Ravens At Odds' work and really loved it. In terms of architectural representation I'd never worked in film before. It was a really exciting opportunity for us to document a building in a new way and feel excited about the people who were creating it'
Andrew Forsyth
Director, Aphora Architecture