Ascot Garden House

by Nicholas Harvey Architect

A renovation to a traditional Queenslander that is as much about subtractions and pairing back the design as it is additions.

Set within a north-facing garden on a corner lot in Ascot, Brisbane, a double-height living area connects with the existing upper floor and new additions below.

Nicholas Harvey’s mantra—’Do More, Use Less (have fun)’—is woven into the fabric of this film. Instead of showcasing every space in countless scenes, the palette is reduced to key scenes and camera movements that convey the spatial experience and sequence. The atmosphere is playful and enjoyable, featuring moments between mother and daughter throughout the day.

Remarkably, this film attracted over 60,000 views within a few weeks of its release on Brooke’s Blooms YouTube channel. This is notable considering the channel has only a few hundred subscribers and their videos typically attract as many views.

This film demonstrates that high-quality, relatable visual storytelling is key to engaging content.


Nicholas Harvey Architect
Brooke’s Blooms (landscape)
Rycon Constructions


Project Showcase


Produced by Ravens At Odds
Filmed by Nikolas Strugar
Production Assistant Victor Munhoz


60,000 views within 4 weeks of release on Brooke’s Blooms YouTube channel with 700 subscribers

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