Design plays a critical part in human interaction—within our everyday environments and our virtual spaces

Nikolas has developed aesthetic sensibilities and compositional skill in several design and production fields 

Working cross-discipline offers both efficiency in process and cohesiveness in outcome;

a consistent message and brand image across a multitude of channels, both offline and online

You create a powerfully compelling product of an incredibly precise level of quality and craft. You set a high standard of excellence for all your clients’ needs

—AF Studios

Truly wonderful working with you—I am in awe of your multi-talents and creativity

—James Grose, Principal (former CEO) BVN

A filmmaker making architecture films is good, an architect making architecture films is better, and Strugar making ANY film is gold standard!

—Andrew Walsh
My career started in architecture before a shift into graphic design. I furthered my studies in audio production and began exploring a keen interest in music and film. During my travels and living and working abroad in Slovenija and Ireland, I have continued to diversify my skill set: working in live sound, events and production; as a mix and recording engineer; in web design and development; brand building; content creation; and film production.
With a broad scope of skills and professional experience, Ravens At Odds has the necessary components to produce tailored creative solutions for your project.

Nikolas Strugar
Filmmaker | Designer
Director, Ravens At Odds

M.Architecture (UQ), B.Design (UQ), Dip. Audio Production (SAE)

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