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Ravens At Odds combines film, photography, graphic design, web development and brand strategy

to produce affective and recognisable digital experiences for companies and creatives 

Nikolas Strugar, a former architect, filmmaker, cinematographer and multidisciplinary designer

has developed aesthetic sensibilities and compositional skill in several design and production fields

Creativity fused with pure passion is what you will get working with Nikolas. His eye for detail and capturing things that most people may not see is impressive. Nikolas’ style and ability to take a concept and turn it into a story has inspired us to readjust our own marketing style, and all from just one video

—Lisa Evans, National Marketing Manager, Place Design Group

It was fascinating to watch Nik interpret the architectural intentions of the project and create a visual narrative that really conveys what it’s like to be in and experience the house. His narratives explore the shifting qualities of spaces over time, and provide the perfect complement to the still photo sets we would traditionally have completed on our finished projects

—Justin Humphrey, Principal & Director Justin Humphrey Architect

Truly wonderful working with you—I am in awe of your multi-talents and creativity

—James Grose, Principal (former CEO) BVN Architecture

A filmmaker making architecture films is good, an architect making architecture films is better, and Strugar making ANY film is gold standard!

—Andrew Walsh, colleague

Clients and partners

My career started in architecture before a shift into graphic design. I furthered my studies in audio production and began exploring a keen interest in music and film. Abroad and at home in Australia, I have continued to diversify my skill set: working in live sound and production; as a mix and recording engineer; in graphics and web design and development; brand building; content creation; and film production. As a filmmaker I work as a director and DoP, editor and colourist.
With my range of skills and professional experience, Ravens At Odds has the necessary components to produce tailored creative solutions for your project.

Nikolas Strugar
Filmmaker | Cinematographer | Designer
Director, Ravens At Odds

M.Architecture (UQ), B.Design (UQ), Dip. Audio Production (SAE)